"Do the best you can until you know better.  Then when you know better, do better."


It all started when...

I was running my business as a Holistic Nutritionist.

A girlfriend ranted about this new product "you have to try it" she said. "It's totally in alignment with your business" she said." "It's like no other company out there" she said.

Blah blah blah blah blah.

But the girl was giving me free product so what did I have to lose?!

My ego...thats what!

You see as a stubborn entrepreneur (well just a stubborn woman if I'm being honest), there's nothing more I hate than being proved wrong.

And boy did she prove me wrong.

So what am I talking about here?

BeautyCounter...that's what.

"We deserve better and we're doing something about it!"

Beautycounter is a company that has built a driven tribe of individuals who are determined to get safer products into the hands of everyone!

So what does this mean?

It means that right now:

  • "The FDA allows companies to use chemicals known to be extremely harmful in the products we put on our bodies and on our kid's bodies, every single day, day after day..."
  • "Over the past two decades, the European Union has banned more than 1,300 chemicals in the product formulas of personal care products..."
  • "Health Canada maintains a current list of 500 chemicals that are prohibited for use in cosmetic products..."
  • "The United States has only partially banned 30 [chemicals] to date."

It means that Beautycounter is:

  • Adding to their Never List...going well beyond our current standards, and have banned more than 1,500 chemicals from their products
  • Using over 80% of products that are organic, natural, or plant-derived
  • TRANSPARENT: They share every tidbit of information with you on each product, so you can make the most informed choices for yourself and your family

I could go on and on!!!

So why am I telling you this???

Because I'm building my own tribe of women who are ready to align with this kick ass company and change the world.

No really.

We're going to change the world.  Yours personally, and the one everyone around you lives in.

What does being a part of the Better Beauty team Involve???

You joining a tribe of women who are kicking ass in the entrepreneurial world.

You representing a company, which truly believes in going above and beyond the typical beauty standards.

You promoting a standard of total well being...yes we want to look good, but we want to feel damn good too.

You connecting with other like minded women who work together to not only share safer beauty, but succeed as a team as well.

You promise to live in alignment with your beliefs, pursue your dreams, and push to create an abundance of freedom in your every day life!


Are you ready to make more money and create more freedom?

Are you ready to look good every damn day all while using safe, clean and effective products?

Are you ready to not only change your life, but seriously impact the world around you?


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