9 & 10 Months of Motherhood (because when is a mom ever on time?)

What I've learned so far in these later months of motherhood?

This whole on time thing may never get easier.

I never got to writing a 9 Months of Motherhood blog because...well...I'm a mom.  And my brain in a mess.  And I can barely remember why I walked into the kitchen.

It wasn't until JJ was creeping up on 10 months that I realized "Shit!  I never did write that 9 month blog!"

So...I apologize.  I promise to make the months of 11 and 12 blogs on time.

What else have I learned these past two months?  Well...keep reading folks.

1)  Time never slows down.  And there's not a day that goes by where I don't look at my crawling, babbling, energizer bunny boy and think "what happened to my little peanut?"  I mean this past weekend, everyone was talking about how he'll be one in just a couple of months and I just about broke down.  Because how is time going by so quickly?

2) You literally cannot leave them alone for a second.  Once JJ really started moving, was when JJ really fell off the bed for the first time.  My heart broke.  But as I explained the situation to my partner I said "I put him on the bed, picked up the phone charger from the floor, and by the time I was standing back up he was mid air."  Talk about heart breaking.  I mean he was fine thank god...but lord was that the moment I realized this whole "you can't take your eyes off them" thing is REAL!

3) His growth spurts have given me a good idea of what to expect 15 years from now, because LORD this kid can eat.  A few weeks ago, the little man was going through a growth spurt.  He was napping like 5 hours a day, and sleeping till 8:30 in the morning.  But the biggest shocker during this growth spurt was how much food he could consume.  One day for lunch this is what he ate: 1 cheese bun, 1 avocado, a bowl of blueberries, and a Love Child Organic food pouch!  I mean I can't even eat an entire cheese bun on a good day.  So this growth spurt really showed me that in about 15 years...Costco and I are gonna be besties.

4) His absolute hate for car seats hasn't changed.  I mean yesterday I literally watched him scream and pull at his chest strap trying to escape.  Someone please tell me this will change eventually?

5) I am still pro More Than Mom!  At around 10 months, I think a lot of moms start dreading that back to work call (at least us Canadian moms...I know you US moms go back WAY earlier).  For me, I'm looking forward to hoping on the job train.  Yes I'm still working my side hustle with Beautycounter (and if you're looking for a side hustle..you know were to find me).  But I'm also on the hunt for a job...and I'm excited.  Will I miss being home with my baby every day?  Absolutely.  But I'm excited to not only finish a cup of coffee without having to reheat it, but also put my skills and experience to use!  More Than Mom for the win!

So that's it folks...thats all I've learned the past two months.  And as per usual...I'm sure theres more.  But after a rough night...this mommas brain isn't exactly firing all of the memory signals.





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