8 Months of Motherhood

I can’t believe I’m writing this.

Not because my baby is 8 months, but because we’re in the middle of a move and my life is pure chaos. 

But writing is my outlet, and I sure as hell don’t want to forget everything I’ve learned this month.  Because let’s be honest, motherhood is all about forgetfulness. 

Mom Brain for the win.

So what have I learned this month you may ask?


1)   That as a mom, you will lose yourself and find yourself ten times over.  I’m an over thinker by nature, and every day I think I have everything all figured out.  But then motherhood and life smacks me in the face and laughs.  Because this journey is continuously evolving.  This journey changes you to the core.  Who you think you are on Monday, is probably not the same person you will be on Tuesday.  But remember, mostly importantly, that is OKAY.  It took me a long time to accept this part of motherhood – the evolution of me.  So momma, if you’re feeling lost, wondering where the heck you went, be kind to yourself.  She’s in there; just give her the grace and the time to figure out who she wants to re emerge as.

2)   Sleep training is actually never ending.  We sleep trained our little man at 4 months old and it was weirdly easy (that I can remember).  But between starting solids, teething, traveling, getting his first cold, sleep regressions, learning to crawl, and all of the other things babies do, I am constantly sleep training.  So momma if you’re struggling wondering why the hell your baby was sleeping through the night last week, but now he refuses to go to sleep without you, just breathe.  And maybe have a cocktail.  This too shall pass.

3)   You’ll miss when they were little and attached to our body 24/7.  I never thought those words would leave my mouth, but as I scrolled through old photos and videos the other day, I missed the little nugget who literally could not survive without me.  The little boy who needed to be strapped to me in order to sleep.  The little boy who could only be soothed by momma.  And if I’m being honest, the little boy who would wake up in the morning, get fed, and then go right back to sleep.  Because lord these consistent early mornings are ROUGH.  But missing those early moments makes you realize why people have more than one baby (yes I said it).

4)   Doing nothing is a form of self care.  In the middle of packing up an entire apartment and trying to take care of a very mobile little human, I find myself laying on the floor scrolling the gram instead of being productive.  I end up feeling guilty for not doing more, but as one of my momma friends says “we need our adult time to do nothing too.”  So if you’re a mom, and your child is sleeping, or playing with friends, or at school, and you find yourself watching Netflix and scrolling social media, I want you to BASK in that laziness.  Because we know those moments where you don’t have to give ANYTHING to ANYONE...those moments are fleeting.

5)   Stop cleaning and start living.  This pretty much ties into my point above.  But whenever my baby is napping, or nana has taken him for a walk, or my husband is home from work, I feel the need to catch up on laundry, sweep the floor, or go grocery shopping.  But we all know that to do list isn’t going anywhere.  So when you have some alone time, DO SOMETHING FOR YOU.  Troll the gram, go to the gym, have a 30 minute shower.   Just stop cleaning and start living. 


Those five things are what I’ve learned this month of motherhood.  Now that my baby is on the move, I’m sure I’ll have some pretty funny stories for month nine.  So stay tuned!





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