I've Put Myself In A Box

As an entrepreneur, I've put myself in a box.

I started this entrepreneurial journey as a Nutritionist just over 3 years ago.  Then I renamed myself to be a Holistic Life & Wellness Coach.  Then about a year ago, a Lifestyle & Mindset Coach.  Now, I classify myself as a More Than Mom Lifestyle Coach.

And if I'm being completely honest with you, I had, and still have, no idea what those titles even mean.

These past couple of weeks, I've done A LOT of soul searching. 

Upon doing my taxes (and by that I mean getting papers together to pay someone to do my taxes), I realized how little of money I made in my biz last year.  It was the LEAST amount of money I ever made.  It was depressing, shocking, and a huge slap in the face.

"I can't keep doing this" I thought.

So after all of the meditation, journalling, and talking it out with some friends, this is what I've come up with.


Done forcing it.

Done trying to make these 5k, 10k, unlimited 6 figure months the online world talks about.

Done putting myself in a box.

Because I know, I have so fucking much to offer the world (sorry mom, that sentence deserved a little cursing).

Side note...

This is not me giving up on my dreams.  It's not me sulking and being hard on myself.  It's me taking a cold hard look at the shitty job I've been doing as a boss these past three years, and making some changes.

Changes that will only benefit my life, my family, and my future.

You see, I have a WEALTH of knowledge to offer you guys.

I am a mother who is honoured to be called Momma (which I'm trying so hard to get him to say).  I am a woman who believes we are totally capable, and deserving, of being so much more than mom.  I am a holistic nutrition and overall well being guru.  I am not a personal trainer, but I can tell you that you should stop aimlessly running on the treadmill and start getting serious with some weights if you want to change your body.  You should also stop being so hard on yourself and love the body you were given.  Fat is a food, not a body type.  I am a woman and mother who knows how to push through the other side of postpartum depression, and can help you do the same.  I can read your energy, connect you to your soul, and help you find your divine purpose in this world.  I am no mothering expert, but I sure can share everything I've learned when it comes to breastfeeding, trying to survive on no sleep, working through teething, sleep training, and everything else that comes along with raising a tiny human. 

The "I am's" go on.

And because they go on, the box is gone.

So from now on, I'm just going to be ME.

Nicole Britton.

Not Nicole Britton, Lifestyle Coach.  Not Nicole Britton, Mindset Coach.  Not Nicole Britton, Beautycounter Rep.

Just me.

Nicole Britton, Mom, Rosé lover, Shameless Starbucks Addict, Sun Seeker, Rap Music Lover, Healthy Living Guru, More Than Mom Promoter (in no certain order).

Just me, sharing my knowledge with you.

And if you see what I write, what I post, what I share, and think "this girl can help me," well you know where to find me.

Just remember, I am still here to serve you.

I'm just going to do it my way from now on.

And fellow entrepreneurs, if you're feeling like you've put yourself in this coach box and your business is failing, and you're making no money, and you feel LOST in the online world...

Just remember you're not alone.

Remember you have SO MUCH to offer this world.  You have a knowledge to share, a voice to use, and a social media platform to do it on.

So stop trying to put yourself in a Coach box like so many of us do, and just do you.

I promise, you'll be surprised with how quickly things turn around for you.

With Love,