Five Months of Motherhood

It took me a while to put my words to paper for this months motherhood blog for two reasons:

1)   Life with a baby is still chaotic and I am still late for everything

2)   I didn’t quite now how to put everything I am thinking and feeling into words

But after sitting down and finally just writing, here is what I realized I have learned through my fifth month of motherhood.

It really does get better.

I was watching The View one day (you know, stay at home mom life) and one of the ladies had just come back from having her second child.  They asked her how she was doing and her response was EXACTLY what I needed to hear (and what I assume many other moms need to hear as well). 

She said it was a lot more work with two, but that she was taking her time, slowing down, and enjoying the little moments.  She said with her first, when she was in the trenches of early motherhood, she was really sick and tired of hearing what she called the Stepford Wives response of ‘it really does get better.’  But since her first was now 4 years old (I think) she truly knew that it really does get better. 

So she was slowing down, breathing in that newborn baby smell, and enjoying all of the cuddles early motherhood has to offer.

Her story made me stop and think.

It made me realize that I really didn’t enjoy all of the little moments. 

Because when you’re in it, when you’re up all day and all night, when you have a baby attached to your own body 24 hours day 7 days a week, when overnight you completely lose your identity…

You don’t know how to enjoy the little moments.

You don't know how to take a deep breath and believe everyone when they say "it get's better."

Or at least I didn't.

So now that I feel as though I’m out of the trenches of early motherhood, that my PPD is no longer controlling my life, that it truly does get easier and better…

I’m slowing down. 

I’m breathing him in.

I’m enjoying all of the cuddles and snuggles I can get.

I’m taking pictures and videos of everything he does.

I’m being present in all of my time with him.

I’m soaking in all of the baby moments.

Because it really does go so freaking fast.

Theses moments really are fleeting.

So momma, if you’re in the trenches of motherhood.  The thick of the hormones, the lack of sleep, the can’t get a moment to yourself kind of days…

Take a deep breath and be kind to yourself.

Be reminded that you’re completely new to this whole motherhood thing and that you’re still getting adjusted.

And your little one?  Well s/he hasn’t been earth side for far too long and is still getting adjusted as well.

So again, take a deep breath and be kind to yourself.

Becoming a momma for the first time is wild ride. 

But it’s the best ride I’ve ever been on.

With Love,


Your More Than Mom Lifestyle Coach

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